10 Benefits of Dance

Dance has a wide range of benefits.  And with so many different forms of dance to choose from there is something to suit any body and any age.  Here are just 10 of the many benefits.

  1. Move it or lose it

We all know keeping active is important.  We need to keeping moving and active in our day to day lives for our general well being and fitness.  But dance offers so much more, such as increased flexibility and strength, increased balance ability and assists with overall coordination.

  1. Train your brain

Dance is great for brain maintenance.  Class involves learning and remembering movements and steps and uses both the left and right side of your brain.  Your coordination will increase too as your brain learns to use legs, arms and heads together in synchronised movement.

  1. It’s fun, fun, fun.

Dance is an enjoyable and fun form of physical exercise.  It doesn’t feel like work.

  1. Meet new lifelong friends

Are you looking to meet some wonderful and friendly people.  The added bonus of a dance class is socialising with like minded dancers.  You will make many friends over your years of dancing, some remain friends for life.

  1. Dance those troubles away

A dance class will leave you feeling energised, relaxed and less stressed.  You always feel great after class.

  1. Know what is feels like to actually dance

There is such achievement in making small improvements week on week, and actually dancing.  It is wonderful to be able to learn to dance as an adult.

  1. Never stop learning

You will never stop learning , achieving and improving with dance.  Whether it’s your first week of dance classes, or your 10th year, you will still learn something every week.

  1. Gently does it

Depending on the style of dance you choose, there are also good gentle forms of exercise available, that are not too strenuous and work with your ability and needs.

  1. Dance to beautiful music

An added bonus of learning dance is the music.  Whether it’s beautiful classical music, or the latest popular music, dance and the music go hand in hand.  Without realising you will be learning about music too.  Time signatures, counting and phrasing are all part of learning dance.

  1. Dancing is an art.

Dance is a beautiful art form and a beautiful form of physical exercise.  Learning the art of dance is a wonderful experience that is available to everyone.

What are you waiting for? Why not give us a call today and give dance a chance!

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About Box Hill Ballet Association

Offering classes in Classical Ballet (Cecchetti), Jazz (SFD), Tap, Contemporary, International Dance and Wu Tao. There are classes for children, teenagers and adults that are suitable for beginners as well as experienced dancers. Whether looking to dance for fun, fitness, meet new friends, or looking for something a bit more serious, we have the class for you!

Box Hill Ballet is family friendly inclusive dance school, providing dance tuition in a supportive and welcoming environment.  We have been running for nearly 70 years as a not for profit organisation with a voluntary committee.  We have qualified and experienced teachers and there are various opportunities throughout the year to participate in performances.

At Box Hill Ballet we aim to promote and develop a love for dance across many different styles and all generations.

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