Classes_classical balletBox Hill Ballet offers a wide range of classes in a variety of different styles:

Classical Ballet  is the central focus of the school with classes offered at all levels right through to adults, including adult beginners.  For students doing two or more classes a week exams are offered, and internal assessments are available for recreational students.

Creative Movement is an introduction to ballet for 3 to 5 year olds. The classes are aimed at making the first experience of ballet enjoyable and fun.  Introducing children to the discipline of ballet, the classes help improve coordination and give students a chance to socialise with others who share their interests.  The classes encourage children to have fun as well as follow rules, take turns and share with classmates.classes_jazz

Jazz ballet classes teach students a variety of jazz styles including modern, funk and theatrical.  Strength and flexibility is developed and the classes are regularly updated to reflect the latest musical trends and dance techniques.  The syllabus is challenging, stimulating and allows the students to build on their skills.
Watch Jazz here

Contemporary classes explore abstract, free and imaginary movements, simultaneously challenging classical theory and using it as a foundation. The contemporarystudents will learn routines and steps which include lyrical and abstract, soft and static movements. Contemporary focuses on technique, co-ordination, strength and flexibility, but, most importantly, it helps students understand their own bodies and move in imaginative and free-form ways.

Tap dancing is a fun and energetic style of dance.  Students are taught both modern and classic tap steps and routines.  Students work on personal improvement and fast, rhythmic footwork.

Wu Tao is a dance therapy based on Traditional Chinese Medicine and created by dancer, Michelle Locke.  This well being class is popular with dancers and non dancers alike.

International Folk Dance is an integral part of the school, catering for a wide rFolkange of students, both within general classes and as part of a Friday night class with a group of vibrant adult students celebrating the love of folk dance. New students are always welcome.

Teacher training in the Cecchetti method of classical ballet


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