Is lack of iron the reason for your lack of energy?

by Kellie Patton, BHBA classical / tap teacher.

Are you struggling to find the energy in your dance class?

It could be a lack of iron!

Iron is a component of red blood cells, and is important for the transport of oxygen around the body.

Teenagers require an increased amount of iron, as their blood volume expands, and their muscle mass increases. Furthermore, teenage girls require an even higher amount as a result of blood loss during menstruation. Adolescent girls require 15mg of iron a day, compared to adolescent boys, who only require 11mg. In 2011/2012, it was found that the average intake of iron by female adolescents in Australia was only 9mg. Inadequate iron intake can lead to iron deficiency, which results in impaired cognitive function, impaired immunity and reduced physical work capacity!

So how do we get 15mg of Iron a day?
Below is a list of foods with a high content of iron:

– Milo 1tbsp, 6mg

– 2 Weetbix, 4.2mg

– Quinoa 1 cup cooked, 4mg

– Spinach ½ cup cooked, 3mg

– Beef 100g, 3mg

– ½ cup cooked bean, 3mg

– Lamb 100g, 2.5 mg

– Pork 100g, 2.5mg

– Special K/Just Right 1 cup, 3mg

– ¼ Cup dried apricots, 1.6mg

– Cashews 30g, 1.5mg

The iron found in animal food sources is better absorbed by the body than the iron found in plant sources. However the absorption can be increased by including a source of Vitamin C in the same meal. This could include red capsicum, or orange juice.

Unfortunately, once you enter adulthood, you’re not off the hook!

Iron requirements for females aged 19-50 years increases even further, to 18mg/day! Again, this is much higher than the requirements for males in the same age group, as they only require 8mg/day.

Be strong!
Kellie Patton
BHealthSc & MDiet

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