About Us

Box Hill Ballet Association Inc. is a not-for-profit community organisation, run by a volunteer committee, with the aim of promoting and developing a love for dance across many different styles and all generations. The Committee also undertakes fundraising activities to further keep costs to students and parents at a minimum.

The philosophy of Box Hill Ballet Association Inc. is to foster a love for dance within the community. Our students range in age from 4 to 40+ and we cater for all levels of experience including adult beginners.

During the year Box Hill Ballet holds various events including: Open Days during the final week 3girlsof Terms 1, 2 and 3, allowing family and friends to watch the students in class; the Winter concert, a fun informal afternoon for students to present their progress via a ‘mini’ performance; and finally, the excitement of the end of year Show.

Box Hill Ballet Association is a community of passionate dancers and their families who wish to bring that passion to the broader society so that everyone can enjoy the beauty and grace of dance.

Our success stems from our passionate, dedicated and hardworking members of the Box Hill Ballet Association Community – from the Principal, Jan Turner, to her staff, the parents and students, and the volunteer Committee members – all committed to the success of the School and the rewards that come from being involved.

The Ballet School prides itself in its reputation of being a very “family-friendly” School, so much so that some students have been dancing with the School long enough to perform on stage with their own daughters, as well as a number of second and third generation students attending classes.

The Ballet School has continued to remain strong and sustainable by recognising the growth and diversity of the local community, as evidenced by the many nationalities of students within the School.

We continue to maintain an extensive Costume Wardrobe, which enables us to reuse, recycle, and rejuvenate existing costumes – this also helps to reduce the cost to parents and students of providing costumes for Annual and other Performances.

After 65 years, our aim is the same as in 1951 : “To practice, appreciate, and extend the Art of Ballet in Box Hill, and beyond”.