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Box Hill Ballet Association aims to promote and develop a love for dance across many different styles and all generations.Box Hill Ballet provides many and varied opportunities for students and parents alike to be involved in the development of lifelong skills learnt from dance and theatre experience, by:

  • Entering for Dance Exams through “Cecchetti Ballet Australia”, for students who want the challenge of taking dance to the next level in a formal exam situation
  • Entering “Internal Assessments” for students who “just love to dance”, who receive a certificate to progress to the next level, still challenging them in a gentler way, but also giving them a sense of achievement
  • Providing opportunities for Senior Students to train as teachers, including “hands on” experience, via a comprehensive, accredited training programme, and also to learn and mentor from experienced, very well qualified and passionate teachers at the School
  • Attending “Open Days” at the Ballet School, during the last week of each Term, allowing family and friends to watch a class in progress
  • Performing in the annual “Winter Concert” – a fun, informal afternoon giving students an opportunity to present their progress during a “mini” performance.
  • Performing in the Annual Performance at the end of each year, providing the opportunity to learn stage & performing skills, choreograph, and for both students and parents to be involved the many aspects of “what goes on behind the scenes”
  • Providing an opportunity to perform in the bi-annual “Hungarofest” held at the Hungarian Community Centre in Wantirna.  Students have been taught Hungarian Court Dances by Ida Lovaghy over many years, providing an insight into Hungarian dance, customs and society

Box Hill Ballet has a long and proud association with, and continued support from the former Box Hill City Council, and since amalgamations, with the Whitehorse City Council.  The Ballet School was established as a not-for-profit organisation, and now, more than 60 years later, it continues to be run in this way with a dedicated volunteer Committee, making it a rare model in today’s society.

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